BELAIPA is an association for IP administrators in Belgium founded on 1 December 2020.

BELAIPA’s vision: It is our goal to become the coordinating organization for administrators working in intellectual property in Belgium, bringing the Dutch and French speaking regions together.

BELAIPA’s mission:

  • to create opportunities to exchange experience and knowledge
  • to develop the member’s professional skills and competencies
  • to establish a network between the industry and private practice
  • to act as an intermediate between the IP administrators and the national IP authorities
  • to  raise awareness and obtain recognition for the work of IP formalities officers

BELAIPA on European level:

BELAIPA is an associate member of the European Platform EPIPA, founded in 2017 and now already uniting the Danish (DAIPA), Norwegian (NAIPA), Dutch (Dutch Association Platform Formalities Officers), British (CIPA) and Finnish (Suomen IPR-assistenttiyhdistys) organizations.

One of the goals of the European Platform is to enhance the cooperation between the National Associations and to maintain and improve the high level of knowledge of the IP Administrators in Europe.